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Reach High

REACH HIGH is a literacy development service which utilizes a systematic approach to the five sub-skills of reading instruction—phonemic, phonics awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Reach High is a vastly- specific- supplemental literature tool to evaluate and discover participant’s baseline. We have a collection of interventions to monitor and evaluate learning attainment for enhancing reading fluency and comprehension.

Four Tier Thrive Program

Our evidence based IV Tier Thrive evaluation tool reviews the physiological of participants by addressing their access to basic needs such as: food, water, shelter and a habitable environment. We connect participants and families with affordable housing programs, low- income utility services, supplemental nutrition assistance, and clothing closets. We build rapport and learn about primary barriers such as: safety, social connectivity, confidence and goal setting. We understand that basic needs must be met before successfully participating in more complex task. The score of our assessment tool guides Phase I of our work with youth and families. 


Phase II of our program specializes in enhancing youth’s access to: mental health, higher learning, career advancement and leadership. We believe in group work, team building and overcoming through hands on guidance. We achieve our goals by facilitating support groups with relevant topics geared towards addressing the emotional needs of the participants. Phase II is primary about hands on support. We task youth with identifying their support person(s) and including the person(s) in specific roles and responsibilities throughout each critical step of our program. Extended relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors and coaches are encouraged to share in the youth’s journey.  We recognize that our greatest resource is our willingness to collaborate. We develop accountability contracts which are regularly reviewed and measured for progress. All active parties are required to review their commitment to the young person and family at least quarterly.   


Phase III of MSF is life skills development. We work directly and indirectly with youth to acquire the most essential of life skills such as: grooming and basic hygiene, proper attire and etiquette, domestic maintenance of personal space, nutrition, the importance of exercise, budgeting, responsibility. We complete workshops on identifying the right fit for employment, higher education and internships. We help student’s complete applications for jobs, college and apprenticeships. We aid in building good character in young people by getting them involved in volunteer work and outreach. These are just a few of the topics that are covered by Phase III, which is mandatory for graduation from MSF.  

Phase IV of our program is mentorship. MSW matches youth with mentors who have expertise or skills in an area of need. The mentor will meet with the youth at least once per week for counsel and review of the objectives for their work together. Youth will be provided with encouragement, redirection when needed and hands on assistance.